You’ve been injured in an accident. You may be dealing with a broken leg, cuts and lacerations, and you may be missing out on work. You are worried about your future, because the medical bills are more than you can afford. What do you do to make this situation better? You may want to consider filing a personal injury claim against the person who caused your accident.

Were you hurt in a vehicle crash caused by a distracted driver? Were you injured in a trip-and-fall accident at a local department store? Were you hurt when a heavy object fell on you when you stayed at a local hotel? No matter what type of accident caused you to be injured, someone may be to blame. That person can be held liable, but only through an injury claim.

Many people think about filing a claim, but they are scared to talk to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer about their case. They put it off or decide not to file a claim at all, because wouldn’t that be too stressful or too much work?

Reasons to File an LA Personal Injury Claim 

Filing a claim can be beneficial for you in several ways, but you have to get up the courage to start the process. Learn five good reasons to file a personal injury claim for an LA accident. 


One of the most important reasons to file a personal injury claim after being hurt in an accident is to receive justice for yourself. It’s not easy to move beyond an accident, and the anger and resentment can linger. If you file a claim, it can bring you closure and peace knowing that the person responsible has been held to account for their actions.

You can move on with your life, knowing that justice has been served.

Teach the Negligent Party a Lesson

Another reason to bring a personal injury claim is because you want the person who caused the accident to learn from their mistakes. You may not be angry with them, but you do want them to understand what they did to you. You want them to understand that actions have consequences, and they need to learn to be more careful with others’ safety.

You have every right to want them to learn a lesson, and your claim could help with that goal.

Protect Other People from Being Injured

Your claim could actually save other people’s lives. For instance, if you win your case, this could bring awareness to the public regarding dangerous products. Your claim could prevent the person who caused the accident from hurting others. Standing up for your rights sometimes equals standing up for the rights of others.

Change Safety Laws and Rules

When your claim brings awareness to dangerous products or unsafe practices, you can actually make real changes to legislation and safety rules. Your case can make the world safer, because you were brave enough to come forward and fight for what’s right. 

Financial Compensation for Your Damages

Lastly, your injury claim could bring you financial compensation meant to account for the losses you’ve endured because of your accident and experience. You can be compensated for the pain you went through, mental trauma you’ve had to overcome, and for financial losses you’ve been shouldering.

You can receive a settlement to pay for all the negative effects of your accident. Some people are seriously injured and their lives are never the same again. Now you have five good reasons to file a claim for a personal injury accident caused by another person’s negligence.

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